“It Won’t Work”- why you should not give a F to naysayers

All my life I’ve been told things won’t work:

1. When I wanted to study history since Class VI my school wanted to talk me out of it, because I won’t get a job.

2. When I went to the UK to study Archaeology, people said I was wasting my parents money, that they didn’t have & my time. Who ever got a decent job being an archaeologist? Zahi Hawass, may be, but who else?

3. When I started Immersive Trails Global was being a fool thinking Indians would want to see their own country & city. My mother and other well wishers predicted that my wife and I will understand the error of our ways in a few months and go back to the relative safety of academia. We pitched our business to a couple of investors, and they either wanted us to switch to “high-end tours”, and one of them even offered to take 100% of the company by offering us a pittance and then run luxury tours with it.

4. When we started Virtual Experiences in July 2020, at the heart of the pandemic, people said it won’t work long term. That tourism will come back to old conventional ways soon. Hello! They are working, and more people are attending our tours from world over!

5. Now that we are trying to raise funds we’re regularly told that no one will be interested as we’re not in conventional travel company, neither are we a conventional tech company. We shall see!

Naysayers do not matter. If you REALLY want to do something- plan it well, be humble, ethical and learn from your mistakes (because you will make many), then just go ahead and do it. Take feedback of course. Feedback is valuable. But, if someone tells you something will not work out, ask them why they think so. If they cannot give you an answer that is logical, then forget their advise. Because if you don’t, you won’t know if your ideas work or not. Finally, have empathy. Listen to your customers. Observe how they feel about your product and customise it to maximise customer delight. If they adopt your product, GREAT! If they don’t, their feedback matters the most and they will tell you if what you made is going to work or not. But to reach that stage, you need to stop giving a F about naysayers who do not matter.

Published by

Tathagata Neogi

Dr Tathagata Neogi is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Leader of Immersive Trails, a purpose-driven company based out of Kolkata, India that converts ethical, in-depth research into immersive experiences. Tathagata is a vocal advocate of empathic, ethical, community focused business practices.

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