Burj Khalifa in Kolkata & a Case for Virtual Travel

Why do people rush to see a tin foil model of Burj Khalifa, or a cloth and plywood model of the White House? Why are we intrigued by a scaled down model of the Big Ben, Angkor, Sukothai? Durga Puja and the popular theme pandals can tell you a lot about unfulfilled wanderlust of people and can be a key to unravel the massive potential for immersive virtual travel.

The answer is that most of us want to travel the world, but cannot. We cannot travel because of work, we cannot travel because it is expensive, and we cannot travel because we have some disabilities.

I rest my case about why we are building virtual experiences at Immersive Trails. We want the world to be accessible to people, a majority of whom cannot travel for various reasons. I do not know what is a greater validation of this idea, if Durga Puja theme pandals in Kolkata aren’t!

Cover Photo: Times of India

Published by

Tathagata Neogi

Dr Tathagata Neogi is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Leader of Immersive Trails, a purpose-driven company based out of Kolkata, India that converts ethical, in-depth research into immersive experiences. Tathagata is a vocal advocate of empathic, ethical, community focused business practices.

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