29th August 2008

If you are from a low-income family and a student of humanities with high aspirations, then you are bound to hit some major roadblocks in India. Something happened on 29th August 2008 which made this deeply entrenched in my mind. Those who know this, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture (RMIC), Golpark offers a 1 lakh rupee fellowship every year to a few students who have successfully been selected for any university abroad. There is no subject restrictions, or at least there weren’t back then. At the time I applied for the fellowship in March-April 2008, I was already holding unconditional offers for MA Archaeology from 6 major UK universities. This was even before I completed my final BA exam, so an unconditional offer was quite something, and was beyond my expectation. My father asked me to apply for this fellowship as it would help us fund the airfare and pay the deposit and advance for the University accommodation. I applied for the fellowship and waited until the end of August for a decision. In the meantime, I had accepted the offer from the University of Exeter.

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